UAT Signoffs

Orchestrate your UAT signoffs for SAP Go-Lives

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UAT Signoffs

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View our G2 reviews

View our G2 reviews

One can do the testing in a very structured way, each member knows exactly when it is his turn to test. Tracking defects and status of testing is very reliable and offers a very good overview to the project manager so that the management of the company can always be informed on the milestones achieved during an ERP implementation.

Tabitha Ingram

Project Manager

Value delivered

Transform SAP test automation with the power of KTern.AI Digital Labs

A no-code, business-friendly platform that enables more than 90% end-to-end test automation, replacing slow manual testing and accelerating SAP change cycles by 10X – from 6-8 weeks to a few days.


One Workspace for All SAP Initiatives

Simplify your IT Landscape by eliminating disparate applications which you might use for project management, collaboration, testing and process optimization


Reduce Testing Efforts by 85%

Leverage new-gen screen-based testing and RPA-based testing bots built on SAP Business APIs to reduce manual effort and accelerate SAP releases


Run efficient SAP investments

Plan, execute, collaborate and govern each SAP investment from strategy building to task execution for streamlined and successful business operations


Optimize your SAP Business Processes

Mine and optimize your existing business processes with the inbuilt SAP Tribal Knowledge Base engine which encompasses decades worth of SAP business expertise

UAT SignOff Groups

UAT SignOff Groups

Achieve remote UAT with workflow automation driven signoff groups comprising test signoff items. This would simplify the work of SAP IT Directors, ERP Managers, Project Managers, Test Managers, PMO stakeholders, IT Consultants, Business Users to orchestrate test phase closures and UAT signoffs.

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UAT SignOff Groups
UAT SignOff Orchestration
UAT SignOff Orchestration

UAT SignOff Orchestration

Signoff the testing with intuitive features that help approve or reject based on review of signoff items built in a organized tree matrix. The signoff item has multi-level provisioning of orchestration of stakeholder approvals from stakeholders of SAP customers and system integrators.

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UAT Reviews & Approvals

UAT Reviews & Approvals

Review, approve or reject the test signoff items and steer a robust governance inorder to overcome the challenges in conventional test management, that is always dealt with user negligence in the quality of functional testing across different Lines of Business.

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UAT Reviews & Approvals

Automate and optimize the full lifecycle of your end-to-end business processes

Understand, De-Risk and Optimize Business Processes Across Your Enterprise with Connective Automation

Reduced Technology Risk-90%



Faster Project Completion40%


End-to-end coverage

Hours Saved AnnuallyRPA powered


reusable automation into production

Reduction in Automation costs40%


Automation Bots
Latest Feature Improvements

Orchestrated SAP Testing

Digital Labs offers UAT signoff features to simplify and streamline your greenfield implementation, system conversion, selective data transition projects, here's a few -

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Reduce the risk from SAP changes

Get a bird's eye view of the different status of test signoff items - New, Approved, Rejected.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the ECC Test cases generated?
When KTern is connected to a system, the Platform first looks into the process involved, further moving towards the application components, the master tables & the customizing tables. KTern researches on the data given and tells the lines of business involved, the scenarios involved in the line of businesses, process involved in the businesses, the utilization of the processes by the business end users and check based on updation and creation of the processes. These all are in terms of API.
Is the Testing integrated with the project governance?
Yes, KTern have integrated the Digitals with the Digital Project hub which takes care of the project management.
Can the platform identify critical business process for testing?
Yes, Based on the VVV( Value, Velocity ,Volume) Scoring dashboard. KTern automatically analyses each transaction based on VVV and assigns a score between 1 and 10. Based on the VVV scores, KTern derives the materiality score for the business processes. The materiality score signifies the overall business value derived for the respective transaction. Higher the score, higher is the relevancy of the business process and vice versa. While auto-generating the test case recommendations, KTern assigns the priority of each test case based on this VVV-based materiality score.
Does KTern generate a test case report?
KTern automates the test case report generation and also allows the user to download the same.

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