Introduction to five streams of KTern.AI

DXaaS Jan 26, 2021

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Getting started with KTern.AI

KTern.AI is an automated Digital Workspace focused on SAP S/4HANA transformations and has ready-to-use automation features for project execution and business operations. Its auto-learning knowledge base engine S4HANAPEDIA.AI enables stakeholders with intelligent insights across all phases of the SAP Activate Methodology – Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, Run.

Project Creation

Once you login to KTern.AI, you’ll be taken to the Project Launchpad. A project launchpad is nothing but a repository of all projects that the user is a part of. You can create a new project for an

  • S/4HANA Implementation
  • System Conversion
  • Selective Data Transition
  • SuccessFactors implementation
  • C4C implementation

In addition, KTern can be used in the Run Mode of any project. You can also pre-define the project timeline and set up a project calendar. KTern will then automatically pre-generate an SAP Activate based project plan which can be customized according to your needs. If not, you can also upload a project plan from an excel sheet into KTern.


After launching a project, a user will land up on the “My Workspace” screen by default. It is a dashboard which contains an overview of all the work items that you are a part of in the project. There are three main types of work items in the workspace – Tasks, Issues and Test Cases.

How KTern.AI helps in SAP

Ktern.AI provides a range of services and solutions that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help businesses optimize their use of SAP systems.

Some examples of how KTern.AI services may be used in the context of SAP include:

  1. Predictive maintenance: can help businesses predict when maintenance is needed on SAP systems, allowing them to proactively address issues before they become problems.
  2. Supply chain optimization: KTern.AI machine learning algorithms can help businesses optimize their supply chain processes by predicting demand, identifying bottlenecks, and suggesting improvements.
  3. Fraud detection: Ktern.AI can help businesses detect fraudulent activity in their SAP systems using machine learning algorithms that can identify patterns and anomalies.
  4. Customer service optimization: KTern.AI machine learning algorithms can help businesses improve their customer service by predicting customer needs and providing personalized recommendations.
  5. Financial analysis: KTern.AI machine learning algorithms can help businesses with financial analysis by predicting trends and identifying patterns in financial data.

Module Kernel

Navigating to the Module Kernel from the left panel, you’ll be able to access the five Digital Streams of KTern.

  1. Automated simulation of processes and projects using KTern.AI 'Digital Maps'
  2. Automated enterprise project orchestration using KTern.AI 'Digital Projects'
  3. Automated SAP specific business testing using KTern.AI 'Digital Labs'
  4. Automated business process governance using KTern.AI 'Digital Process'
  5. Automated business and management consulting using KTern.AI 'Digital Mines'

Five streams of KTern.AI

 Digital Maps
 Digital Projects
 Digital Labs
 Digital Process
 Digital Mines

Digital Maps

  • Analysis of business process, landscape, custom process with the impact of the changes and simplifications of S/4HANA and optimization insights
  • AS-IS and TO-BE simulation of the business processes aligned SAP scope items, SAP best practices and SAP Model Company
  • Derivation of roadmap and effort for ERP transformation with TCO estimator, with risk predictor and resolution insights from inbuilt engine S4HANAPEDIA.AI

Digital Projects

  • SAP Activate empowered project governance, simulation, and stakeholder collaboration with intelligent insights
  • Inbuilt auto-learning knowledge base engine to provide intelligent risk resolutions, cutover insights, project, and business stakeholder productivity recommendations
  • One digital wizard to steer multiple project dependencies and complex hierarchies with workflow-based signoffs and closures ensuring compliance in the enterprise operations

Digital Labs

  • Industry best practices aligned RPA 2.0 empowered Business Bots for complete test lifecycle, thus reducing the testing effort
  • Transparent, organized, collaboration enriched hierarchical signoff wizards for test phase closures and approvals
  • Continuous testing for SAP product upgrades designed specifically for rapid, disciplined testing in SAP digital transformation journey

Digital Process

  • Streamlined tracking and monitoring of Business Process activation, implementation, and orchestration of the enterprise operations
  • Analytical wizards for custom process profiling by objects, stakeholders, application, scope of optimization, impact and custom to standard process adaptation insights in S/4HANA
  • Automated custom code remediation for pre-defined S/4HANA simplification scenarios with auto-learning potential of manual code correction
  • Enablement advisory with automated training scenario and stakeholder recommendations in view of the process transformation

Digital Mines

  1. Value engineering of the business process and optimization insights to run streamlined enterprise operations
  2. Mining and validation of data at the business layer during cutover downtime, before and after the transition considering the simplifications in S/4HANA
  3. Business process enrichment suggestions with automated optimization bots for running streamlined operations with improved customer and employee experience

Next Steps

SAP Digital Transformation ( SAP DX) Programs need alignment, collaboration, transparency and diligent governance amongst different teams in order to achieve the intended goals. Find out more on how KTern, the SAP DXaaS Automation platform can help you in your Digital Transformation journey by getting in touch with us.


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