Generic to Specific : Moving from Generic Project Management tools to SAP Specific KTern's Digital Projects

Digital Projects Apr 5, 2024

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, remote working has been accepted and adopted as the new norm. Driving SAP initiatives are harder by itself. With remote working governance has become even harder, organizations are always looking for project management tools to try to make their transformation initiative simpler.

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Problem with traditional Project Management Tools:

Generic Softwares:

Generic Project Management tools such as Jira, MS Teams, Slack help manage small scale IT projects, but when we talk about large projects such as entire ERP Transformations such as moving from ECC to S4/HANA, using primeval and generic tools may not be the way to go.

Tracking Communications:

As a project manager, you would like to check the progress of a project and identify the tasks assigned to each team member. Generally, your go-to way to get this information is to navigate across the different project management tools and those long email threads. The larger the transformations, the longer the communications, making it more difficult until the whole collaboration becomes unmanageable.

Not Retaining Knowledge:

Since Digital Transformations are huge initiatives, new SAP consultants would often have to be bought to meet the growing demands that the transformation brings in with it. These SAP consultants would have to go through a familiarizing curve to get accustomed to the project.

By building a knowledge base, experienced consultants could record the recommended procedure and the expected results for each work item/task that could be referred to and even carried on to future projects saving a lot of valuable time and effort. Traditional Project management tools have not yet understood this concept and the value it could add to a customer.

The Proposed Solution:

KTern is a cognitive Digital Workplace built on data, analytics and cognitive analysis to automate and govern your SAP Digital Transformation. KTern offers five streams that take care of your entire Digital transformation initiative from Discover until your project goes to Run Mode and continues to Provide optimizations to Keep your organization always ahead of your competitors.

KTern.AI Digital Projects Stream, by default, is aligned to the SAP Activate Methodology but is customizable and can be changed based on your organizations Transformation Plan.

KTern.AI Project Management 

KTern.AI Digital Projects to Manage your SAP Projects:

Once the Methodology to drive the transformation has been decided upon, you can view the different work items phase-wise. In addition, KTern allows you to view and drive Each Work item individually.

Knowledge Base:

Each work item is embedded with a knowledge base powered by the S4HANAPEDIA Engine that allows you to retain knowledge about the particular work item and can be used when the next set of SAP Consultants are bought into a project. It also completely scans the Work item and brings up Articles, SAP Notes and SAP links relevant to the particular work item.

Control Center :

The Control Center allows you to manage the entire scope of your project, giving you an overall insight of the project right from the Organization Structure of a particular project to the Risk Register that is driven by smart alerts and is automatically triggered and assigns them to stakeholders automatically based on your risk configuration.

Dashboard View:

The Dashboard gives you insights and analytics on how the project is being driven based on how different consultants are utilized, the status of different work items and if your planned Activate Phase deadlines are met for each phase item giving you an overall cockpit view on the Project Execution.


KTern.AI has been all about reimagining SAP Transformation while embracing the Traditional Methods.Keeping this in mind if you wish to drive the project the original way, KTern.AI has included the Original Method of driving the SAP Project through Spreadsheets using Workbook and Simulating the processes through Gantt charts and tracking Milestones.

KTern.AI Digital Project - Timeline

Sign Off:

Sign off allows you to maintain a complete digital Footprint of your SAP Project by allowing you to maintain a workflow approval at different levels linked to different phases or different tasks, ensuring accountability in deliverables of each work item/process.

Still wondering about getting started with your SAP Project? KTern.AI is free to use for 14 days;

It takes 5 minutes to Connect and Configure your existing SAP System to KTern.

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