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Digital Workspace

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View our G2 reviews

View our G2 reviews

KTern provides a lot of intuitive and ready to use features to run your S/4HANA conversion project, reducing the internal and external effort, and increasing the benefits the company can immediately get from the new system.


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Value delivered

Deliver value to customers faster with real-time insights at your fingertips

KTern.AI Digital Projects enables teams to make data-driven decisions with agile reports, dashboards, and more.


One Workspace for All SAP Initiatives

Simplify your IT Landscape by eliminating disparate applications which you might use for project management, collaboration, testing and process optimization


Run efficient SAP investments

Plan, execute, collaborate and govern each SAP investment from strategy building to task execution for streamlined and successful business operations


Designed for security and scale

Gain peace of mind with enterprise-grade solutions tailor-made to secure and scale KTern.AI across your entire organization.


Get better insights

Organize projects and track achievements in a single view with dashboards. With dozens of built-in gadgets, easily customize dashboards for teams, stakeholders, and leadership.

Workitem Tracker

Workitem Tracker

Plan and track your workitems in the form of tasks, issues and be informed on the events and CTAs. This would simplify the work of stakeholders from SAP customers and system integrators to execute the routine activities as part of the transformation projects.

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Workitem Tracker
Profile Management
Profile Management

Profile Management

Manage your profile with customizations and preferences in your transformation endeavors. Your digital profile is all set to drive remote productivity in projects.

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Workflow Notifications

Workflow Notifications

Be notified based on rules and preferences in the digital workspace. Automation driven workflows make your everyday life easier with instant in-app alerts and mail notifications.

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Workflow Notifications

Transform your SAP DX Projects

Accelerate your SAP implementation life cycle, by streamlining work organization and engaging all stakeholders.

Quick value to timeReady-made

1 day

Setup Time

Platform Availability99.98%

24 x 7


Reduced Project Timeline-50%


Auto-documentation bots

Knowledge BaseAI powered


HANAPedia Bots
Latest Feature Improvements

Robust SAP Governance

Digital Projects offers workspace features to simplify and streamline your greenfield implementation, system conversion, selective data transition projects, here's a few -

Task Wizard

Drive your tasks with intuitive governance features

Drive your tasks with intuitive governance features that includes timeline and stakeholders planning, status management, history tracking, wiki/notes capturing, reference establishments, file management and chat collaboration.

Task Wizard

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the KTern provide exclusive workspace for work-items status?
Yes, The platform provides the user the feature of having an exclusive workspace for each and every member of the team irrespective of the role known as "My workspace",This is the default landing page of any launched project. Furthermore KTern also provides a common KPI dashboard with entire project work-items analytics.
How many projects can a user be part of in KTern?
As a digitally cognitive remote workplace, KTern allows the user to be part of as many as projects the user is invited to, which implies it may be a single project or a string of 20 projects
Who can be part of the project in KTern?
Any user who is onboarded by the Project Management team and duly accepts the invitation can be part of a project in KTern.
What type of projects does KTern support?

KTern aims to automate and govern any SAP Digital transformation. Hence any project which follows the SAP activate methodology can be supported by KTern. These projects maybe : 1. Conversions 2. Greenfield 3. Rollouts 4. Support 5. Selective Data Transisitions


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