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Digital Maps Apr 7, 2021

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KTern.AI is an automated Digital Workspace focused on SAP S/4HANA transformations and has ready-to-use automation features for project execution and business operations.

Its auto-learning knowledge base engine S4HANAPEDIA.AI enables stakeholders with intelligent insights across all phases of the SAP Activate Methodology – Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, Run.

KTern’s Digital Maps

KTern’s Digital Maps connects to an ECC system and assess the entire landscape, thus enabling you to better understand the implications of a transition from existing ERP system to SAP S/4HANA.

Digital Maps has five sub-parts:

  1. Landscape Assessment
  2. Business Process Assessment
  3. Custom Objects Assessment
  4. Business Transformation Assessment
  5. Timeline Assessment

Together, the results from the above assessments serve as a Master Data to transition to the New World.

Business Transformation Assessment

Business Transformation Assessment

Without a proper understanding of the landscape and the knowledge of  how each of the processes is getting affected,  it is literally impossible to build a proper digital transformation plan.

KTern scans the entire ECC system and empowers customers with data, driving organizations  to transform themselves digitally.

It provides the complete business process mapping at 6 levels. It starts from your Line of Business and goes all the way down to the granular Process Steps.

It  hierarchically organizes business processes in the following levels –

  • L1 – Line of business
  • L2 – Process group
  • L3 – Scope item
  • L4 – Process variant
  • L5 – Process step

The above screengrab from the product consists of all the business processes present in the scanned system.

Drilling down processes

  • You can drill down any one of the processes. For example, if you want to drill down ‘Finance’ as a Process, you can drill it down to the nth level,(i.e) upto the individual different process Steps that are configured in the system.

  • This exercise provides you with a bird's eye view of the current processes in the existing system along with the stakeholders, roles, and the different technical objects involved in the process.

KTern's detailed process level insights helps our customers understand the AS-IS Process and map it to their existing KPI's

  • In addition, the process maps also provide a list of SAP users involved in the respective processes, associated FRICEW objects, test cases, and change management that would be involved in terms of new Fiori-based user experience. It also provides training suggestions when the customer enters the new world.

  • KTern’s Digital Maps also helps the Subject Matter Experts at the customer’s place to identify the best way for managing processes and reports any deviation in the current system. This sets the processes right when the customer moves to the new Digital Core of SAP S/4HANA.

Benefits of Business Transformation Assessment

The Business Transformation Assessment provided by KTern.AI offers several benefits to organizations looking to migrate to S/4HANA, including:

Improved readiness: The assessment helps organizations to identify areas that need to be prepared for migration to S/4HANA, so they can take the necessary steps to ensure a successful migration.

Optimized processes: The assessment helps organizations to identify areas that need to be optimized for migration to S/4HANA, resulting in improved business processes and increased efficiency.

Minimized risk: The assessment helps organizations to identify potential risks and issues that may arise during migration to S/4HANA, so they can take the necessary steps to mitigate these risks.

Better decision-making: The assessment helps organizations to make informed decisions about migration to S/4HANA by providing a detailed business case and a clear roadmap for success.

Reduced costs: By identifying areas that need to be prepared, optimized and adapted, the assessment helps organizations to minimize costs associated with migration to S/4HANA.

Next Steps

Curious to learn more about KTern and SAP S/4HANA Conversion? Go through our articles and on-demand webinars at your convenience. To learn even more, do schedule your direct 60 minute session on KTern along with a demo of the product at Getting Started.


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