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Digital Labs Jan 1, 2024

SAP Test Management Overview

Testing is an essential part of any SAP implementation or upgrade project. It ensures that the system is working as expected and that any issues are identified and resolved before they can cause problems in production. Testing also helps to ensure that the system meets the requirements of the business and that it is usable by end-users.

SAP Test Management - Key Components

SAP test management involves several key components, including:

SAP Test Management is a critical aspect of ensuring the successful implementation and maintenance of SAP systems. It involves the planning, execution, and monitoring of tests to ensure that the system functions as intended and meets the needs of the business. Some of the key components of SAP Test Management include:

1. Test Planning: This is the process of determining the scope, objectives, and approach for testing. It includes identifying the test cases that need to be executed, the resources required, and the schedule for testing.

2. Test Execution: This is the process of actually carrying out the tests. This includes executing the test cases, documenting the results, and reporting any issues or defects that are discovered.

3. Test Monitoring: This is the process of tracking the progress of testing and ensuring that it is on schedule and within budget. This includes monitoring the execution of test cases, tracking defects and issues, and reporting on the overall status of testing.

5. Defect Management: This is the process of tracking and managing defects that are identified during testing. This includes logging the defects, assigning them to the appropriate resources for resolution, and tracking their progress to closure.

6. Reporting and Analytics: This is the process of generating reports and analyzing the data collected during testing. This includes creating dashboards and metrics to provide visibility into the status of testing, identifying areas of improvement, and reporting on the overall quality of the system.

7. Sign-off Management: This is the process of ensuring that all stakeholders have reviewed and approved the system before it is released to production. It includes creating sign-off items and mapping test cases to them, and having the stakeholders approve them hierarchically, to ensure complete visibility and transparency.

KTern.AI is a software that provides a platform for managing these key components of SAP Test Management, by automating repetitive test cases and providing an easy way to track and manage defects, and also provide a way to ensure transparency among the key decision makers by providing Sign-off management feature.

Introduction to KTern.AI

KTern.AI is an SAP Spotlight Partner with the vision to inspire and democratize SAP centric Digital Transformation as a Service (DXaaS). With the DXaaS Automation Platform, KTern.AI ensures success in SAP investments for enterprise customers & partners. KTern.AI is a global leader in offering cognitive, industry cloud digital workplace with tribal knowledge intelligence & data-driven hyperautomation.

KTern.AI simplifies the effort in SAP assessments, greenfield, conversion, SDT, upgrades & AMS projects, testing, custom code adaptation and change impact mining. KTern.AI provides continuous automation value in end-to-end SAP digital transformation cycles, leading to 7x times accelerated transformations with 24% reduction in overall effort.

Five Digital Streams of KTern.AI

KTern.AI offers 5 digital automation streams to boost the success rate of SAP Digital Transformations in enterprises :

  1. Digital Maps - Plan your SAP transformations, driven by rapid and comprehensive assessments
  2. Digital Projects - Ensure productive governance in your SAP transformation projects with remote efficiency
  3. Digital Process - Orchestrate your SAP process lifecycle with tribal knowledge base & integrity led experience
  4. Digital Labs - Gain ultimate control and ensure your business reliability with SAP test intelligence
  5. Digital Mines - Avoid business disruptions with risk-free releases, optimized testing & Intelligent SAP DevOps

How KTern.AI improves SAP Test management

KTern.AI is an advanced test management platform that helps organizations optimize their testing process. Developed by KTern.AI, a global provider of enterprise testing solutions, KTern.AI is a powerful tool that enables organizations to streamline their testing process, improve test coverage, and reduce testing costs. KTern.AI is designed to help organizations in their digital transformation journey, specifically in their migration to SAP S/4HANA.

Additionally, it offers a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time visibility into the testing process, including test case status, resource utilization, and defects. Furthermore, it allows organizations to create a sign-off process for their testing process, ensuring transparency and collaboration among stakeholders.

The platform is built on the latest AI and machine learning algorithms, which enables it to learn from previous testing experiences and improve its test case recommendations over time. This ensures that the testing process is always optimized, and that critical business processes are always tested.

KTern.AI's Digital Labs

Digital Labs of KTern.AI is tightly integrated with Digital Projects hub, which is the project management suite. Typically, the testers would be testing the various test cases on one side and the governance would take place via emails or chat or any other project management tool. The whole process was cumbersome and arduous for all the stakeholders involved.

Therefore, we developed Digital Labs of KTern.AI to execute, manage and collaborate all the testing related activities of an S/4HANA migration/upgrade project from a single place.

Features of KTern.AI's Test Management

KTern.AI is an AI-based test management tool that is designed to streamline the testing process for S/4HANA migration projects. It offers a range of features that make it easy to plan, execute, and manage tests for S/4HANA systems. Some of its key features include:

  • Value, Velocity, and Volume (VVV) Analysis: KTern.AI uses a VVV scoring system to prioritize test cases based on their importance to the business. This helps project managers and test managers to focus on the most critical test cases first, ensuring that all critical business processes are tested before going live.
  • Sign-off Wizard: KTern.AI provides a sign-off wizard that allows stakeholders to approve test cases hierarchically. This ensures complete transparency and visibility among key decision makers, reducing the chances of problems during cut-over orchestration.
  • Status of Work Items: KTern.AI provides a breakdown of test cases and defects by status, giving a graphical representation of the new, active, performed, and approved test cases/defects. It also provides a split of these work items by modules, business process, and type of testing.
  • Resource Utilization Table: KTern.AI provides an overview of all the stakeholders and testers involved in the project, including the number of test cases allocated to each tester and the progress of each stakeholder with respect to test case execution.
  • Automated Test Case Generation: Ktern.AI automatically generates test cases based on the VVV scores, saving time and effort for the testing team.

Overall, KTern.AI is an essential tool for managing test cases and ensuring a smooth transition to S/4HANA. Its features make it easy to plan, execute, and manage tests, reducing the chances of errors and improving overall project efficiency.

User personas benefitted

KTern.AI can be your Data-Driven Test Platform with Tribal Knowledge Intelligence for Digital Transformation as a Service (DXaaS). This can ease the work of the following stakeholders:

KTern.AI can be your Digital Workplace for Testing CoE offering Integrity-led Experience with Best Practices for end-to-end Test Lifecycle. This can ease the work of the following stakeholders:

KTern.AI for entire SAP Testing Lifecycle

Test Preparation with KTern.AI Digital Maps

For every significant SAP upgrade or release cycle, run the assessment & generate
test scenarios to ensure its constantly up-to-date & relevant to your business processes in SAP system(s).

Test Governance with KTern.AI Digital Labs

In various testing projects across the continuous testing lifecycle, manage your
test activities digitally in an organized way with continuous test monitoring.

Test Orchestration with KTern.AI Digital Projects

In various testing projects across the continuous testing lifecycle, drive your
quality assurance & change management, especially during cutover, UAT, go-lives, releases.

Test Optimization with KTern.AI Digital Mines

For every SAP release (weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly), run change impact analysis to determine your test fits & gaps in continuous testing lifecycle.

Test Transformation with KTern.AI Digital Hanapedia

In the continuous testing lifecycle, construct & reuse knowledge base assets
to build a synergetic workforce in DevOps & BusinessOps for your digital transformation programs.

Test Preparation

Test Repository

Govern your test plans, test scenarios, test cases with its scripts for a smart test management, that offers the robust digital workplace for the SAP testing.

Test Plans

With an intelligent test platform designed for change, you can ensure perfect SAP process performance. The library of test cases will make it easier for test managers, engineers, and testers to implement coordinated control over continuous testing.

Test Scenarios

Map the steps of your business process as scenarios to simplify the test governance process. To create end-to-end process testing, group your test cases and create scenarios.

Test Cases

Utilize test cases that include test scripts, evidence, and defects to test the key components of SAP. This includes scheduling the timeline and the stakeholders, tracking the status, wiki/notes capture, referencing sources, file management, and chat collaboration.

Test Scenario Recommendations

Accelerate timelines and reduce efforts in test automation with data-driven test scenario recommendations, specific to the industry in a non-invasive approach.

Data-Driven Testing

Embrace intelligent test management with identification of test scenarios, specific to the SAP landscape. This would simplify the work of Test Engineers, Testers, Test Managers, Business Users, IT Consultants, RPA Developers in understanding the business and orchestrate shift-left testing.

Dynamic Testing Recommendations

Get advisory of test scenarios specific to the industry, relevant to the customer by trusting on the data captured in the SAP system across various SAP modules.

Test Governance

Test Scripts & Evidences

Streamline continuous testing with governance of your test scripts, evidences, defects and achieve stable captures in the world of SAP Fiori testing.

Test Scripts:

Create your test scripts using UI captures that are focused on stability. The task of creating digital scripts that include test steps, screenshots, actions, locators, and expected results will be made simpler for test engineers and IT consultants using KTern.AI.

Test Evidences

Create your test evidences based on the execution of test scripts. Validate and capture actual outcomes for test steps with test passed vs failed status. Generate defects for test evidences with failure occurrences at any part of the test step.

Test Defects

Test and create test defects to manage the complete lifecycle with issue wizards. Map the test defects to associated evidences for seamless integrity and assign resolution owners to fix the defects and be informed with notifications.

Test Reporting

Gain visibility of your SAP testing with auto-generated test reports, materiality insights, passed vs failed reports, defect resolution status and test stakeholders tracking.

Test execution log

Test execution log is a feature of KTern.AI's test management tool that allows users to track the progress of test cases during the execution phase. It allows users to log the start and end time of test execution, along with the status of each test case (pass/fail).

This feature provides a real-time view of the testing progress, and enables project managers to identify any bottlenecks or issues that may arise during testing. It also enables testers to quickly identify which test cases have failed and need to be retested.

The log includes information such as the tester's name, the test case name, the test case ID, the test case status, the start time and the end time of the test case execution. This feature also allows users to view the test execution log in different ways, such as by tester, by test case, or by test case status.

Test dashboard and analysis

The KTern.AI test dashboard is a powerful tool for analyzing and managing the testing process in S/4HANA migrations. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the testing process, including key metrics such as the number of test cases executed, the number of defects identified, and the progress of the testing process as a whole.

Additionally, the dashboard includes a range of analysis tools, such as the VVV (Value, Velocity, Volume) Analysis, which helps prioritize test cases based on the criticality of the business process. This helps ensure that all critical business processes are tested before going live with the production environment, minimizing the risk of issues arising after migration.

The dashboard also includes a status of work items, which provides a graphical representation of the new, active, performed and approved test cases and defects, as well as a resource utilization table, which tracks the progress of each stakeholder involved in the project.

Overall, the KTern.AI test dashboard is a powerful tool for optimizing the testing process and ensuring a smooth transition to S/4HANA.

Test Materiality

Ensure reliability in your testing of reference process items, prioritized by value, volume and velocity. This would simplify the work of Test Managers, Test Engineers, Business Heads to plan and monitor the test lifecycle with insightful reports.

Passed vs Failed Reports

Generate test outcomes with status to determine the reliability of software upgrades. Drive continuous testing in various timelines and benefit from outcome based insights and analytical dashboards.

Test Orchestration

UAT signoffs

Orchestrate UAT signoffs for every release and Go-Live, to simplify the intricacies of a complex SAP ecosystem with automation driven workflows.

UAT SignOff Orchestration

Signoff the testing with intuitive features that help approve or reject based on review of signoff items built in a organized tree matrix. The signoff item has multi-level provisioning of orchestration of stakeholder approvals from stakeholders of SAP customers and system integrators.

UAT Reviews & Approvals

Review, approve or reject the test signoff items and steer a robust governance in order to overcome the challenges in conventional test management, that is always dealt with user negligence in the quality of functional testing across different Lines of Business.

Sign-off wizard

The UAT sign-off wizard is a key feature of KTern.AI's test management tool that ensures transparency and collaboration among stakeholders during an S/4HANA migration project. It allows multiple sign-off items to be created and mapped to multiple test cases, and stakeholders such as testers, test engineers, department heads, project managers, and project champions from both the system integrator and customer sides to approve these sign-off items hierarchically.

This feature provides complete visibility and transparency in the testing process, reducing the chances of problems during cut-over orchestration. By having all key decision-makers sign off on test cases and defects, KTern.AI's sign-off wizard helps ensure that all critical business processes are tested and approved before being deployed to the production environment.

Test Optimization

Autonomous Enterprise Release Impact

KTern.AI aims to automate the entire process of change impact analysis by involving intelligent bots carrying transport request of the changes or modifications, and then providing a detailed report of the impact on different process , test cases, predicting and creating possible test cases.

Technical Impact Analysis

KTern.AI's Technical Impact Analysis provides a detailed report into the different types of objects about the impact they made, the responsible stakeholders and the level of impact which was made.

Process Impact Analysis

The Process Impact analysis is based on the different process steps involved and the impact on the process steps and the stakeholders.
Check Out More at Change Impact Analysis at KTern.AI's

Test Case Impact Analysis

KTern.AI uses the test case repository of the system to analyze the test case and point out the necessary cases which has to be tested based on the impact which can be made, the platform classifies the test cases into :

1. Fit View

2. Gap View
Check Out More at Change Impact Analysis with KTern.AI

Test Transformation

HANAPEDIA is an exclusive search engine for the SAP community, which is using KTern.AI. Just a single click away from identifying your auto recommended assets. Complete access to view, upload and download assets under your project in a quick period. HANAPEDIA can serve as a digitized knowledge base engine for your organization, resulting in increased productivity.

During the SAP transformation journey, KTern.AI as a DXaaS platform helps SAP customers and system integrators by governing and speeding up various processes that are involved. HANAPEDIA helps the stakeholders in searching, viewing and governing various assets or documents that are involved in the project. The knowledge and experience of the SAP environment, along with KTern.AI’s data are digitized into an intelligent knowledge base engine called “HANAPEDIA”.


HANAPEDIA searches the contents of the assets to give accurate search results. HANAPEDIA is tailor-made for the SAP community and behaves as an organization’s knowledge-based repository to search for any previously used SAP assets. E.g., Templates, Reports, Plans, Agendas and Reusable code bases.


To conclude, With KTern.AI's capabilities to automate and govern SAP Testing, KTern.AI is your perfect SAP DXaaS solution to accelerate and automate your SAP S4HANA Transformation Projects.

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