Benefits of KTern.AI for ABAP Consultants to ease their Business Applications

Business Case Nov 24, 2022

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a programming language that performs the development of business applications easier. If you work as a consultant, you can offer programming and consulting services based on SAP technology. In order to meet your client's needs, you will be focused on understanding their needs and expectations.

Creating a knowledge base about the business process and business flow design, educating users about the system, and creating test scripts for testing configured scenarios are a few of the consulting services are offered by the ABAP Consultants.

By analysing the system's behaviour and assisting with design fixes for any gaps found during testing, the consultant also supports the technical team. Additionally, these consultants might be asked to develop proof-of-concept prototypes, write technical specifications, and make technical feasibility-related contributions to the completion of the functional specifications.

This blog will discuss how KTern.AI is appropriate for SAP ABAP Consultants.

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SAP - World's leading software producers for business processes

SAP is one of the world's leading software developers for business process management and creates products that help Organisations share information and process data efficiently.

The business's integrated applications connect every aspect of an Organisation into an intelligent suite on a fully digital platform, taking the place of the legacy platform's process-driven architecture. Today, SAP has the largest cloud portfolio of any provider, more than 230 million cloud users, and over 100 solutions covering all business functions.

SAP software offers multiple business functions with a single view of the truth by Centralising data management. By providing employees from various departments with simple access to real-time insights across the entire enterprise, this aids businesses in better managing complex business processes.

As a result, companies can quicken workflows, boost productivity, increase operational effectiveness, improve customer experiences, and ultimately boost profits.

Overview of SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA is an ERP business suite that enables organisations to carry out transactions and analyse business data in real-time, based on the SAP HANA in-memory database.

SAP S/4HANA, also referred to as the "digital core," is at the center of SAP's strategy to assist clients with digital transformation, a broadly defined process where they can alter current business processes and models or develop new ones. As a result, the companies are better able to adjust to changing business requirements, consumer demands, and environmental factors. SAP refers to this S/4HANA-based business environment as the intelligent enterprise.

The SAP HANA in-memory database architecture and the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies enable S/4HANA to analyse more data more quickly than prior SAP ERP products.

S/4HANA was developed to make ERP more modern, quick, and user-friendly with the aid of a simplified data model, lean architecture, and a new user experience based on the tile-based SAP Fiori UX. S/4HANA includes or integrates the cutting-edge technologies AI, machine learning, IoT, and advanced analytics.

What are the Duties of an ABAP Conultants

An SAP ABAP developer is responsible for designing and creating software programs and applications through the SAP and ABAP programming codes. They conduct multiple diagnostic tests for newly-created and existing applications to ensure adherence to quality standards and requirements.

The ABAP Consultants also provide technical resolution to end-users for their system issues and upgrade infrastructure to prevent the reoccurrence of downtimes and system failures. An SAP ABAP developer must have excellent communication and technical skills, especially in evaluating features for smooth navigation and operations.

Roles and Responsibilities of ABAP Consultants

  • ABAP Consultants are responsible for the development and maintenance of SAP ABAP applications.
  • They work closely with business analysts and functional consultants to understand business requirements and translate them into technical specifications.
  • ABAP Consultants are responsible for coding, testing, and deploying SAP ABAP applications.
  • ABAP Consultants are also responsible for troubleshooting the SAP ABAP applications.
  • They also provide support and maintanance of SAP ABAP applications.
  • ABAP Consultants must have strong technical skills and a good understanding of business processes.
  • In addition, ABAP Consultants may also provide training and support to the users of SAP applications.

What are the Key Skills required for an ABAP Consultants?

There are certain important skills that an SAP ABAP consultant must acquire. Below we've compiled a list of some of the most important skills, a SAP ABAP consultant actually needs in order to be successful in their workplace.

1. Knowledge of SAP Tables

SAP system stores all data in the form of tables. Knowledge of tables will help an ABAP Consultants in preparation of Functional Specification. The knowledge of table helps ABAP Consultants to track errors & data retrieval operations.


An ABAP consultant should be aware of SHDB & recording technique used by BDCs to upload data to SAP system. An ABAP consultant is not supposed to write code of BDC but at least they should know how to use it in a non-destructive way.

3. Functional Specification preparation

ABAP consultant helps to prepare Z development with the help of functional specification in the form of table name & data fields, logic of development, if conditions to be used, loops to use etc. Though it appears to be very simple task, the preparation of a functional specification required lot of skills for an ABAP Consultants

4. Interface & EDI

EDI is the computer-to-computer electronic exchange of machine processable business documents in a standard format. Whenever SAP system interacts with another SAP or non-SAP system, data transmission takes place through EDI i.e. Electronic Data Interchange. Knowledge of I-Doc & ALE becomes imperative for ABAP Consultants when they are dealing with the client which is dealing with its vendors & customers through electronic transmission of data.

5. Query

Query is a handy tool to create a small report having few numbers of fields from a single table or joining two tables. The knowledge of this tool is required for an ABAP consultant to create a report & satisfy client's requirement.

6. Debugging

Debugging is having lot of utility, but it's difficult to use. In day to day operation, in the absence of desired output from a transaction, it becomes very critical to find out root cause of the given issue. At that time the debugging skill are essential for an ABAP consultants to sort out the problems.

7. Smartforms

Smartform has 3 driving components: Print Program, Layout Set and Function module. If an ABAP Consultants are in support operation, they will face majority of print output issue. Knowledge of these will help an ABAP consultant to resolve issue fast,.

8. SAP Notes

An ABAP Consultant must be aware of the SAP Notes. SAP Notes can be searched & Implemented based on Note Number, Application Component, and Implementation Status. SAP Notes are provided by SAP itself as correction in code. Transaction Code is SNOTE. It contains instructions to remove errors from SAP System after they have been entered into the system.

9. Variants

An ABAP Consultant must be aware of the Variants. The selection screen is an area of software where data is selected and then saved so that at runtime the desired values can be selected. Variants are input data which are filled in the selection screen, then saved as part of a programming language's built-in toolkit.

10. Creating Z T-Codes

In SAP system you can create 'Z' 'T-Codes as per client requirement. For any operations/transactions, in SAP system it's important for an ABAP Consultants to know the T-Code for that particular operation or transaction.

Special features of larger ABAP infrastructure

ABAP is tightly integrated with other SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server features and does not operate in a vacuum. These include the following:

  • Logical database connections, which enable the abstraction of code from a particular database. The actual database connections are set up separately from the ABAP code, enabling the use of the same code across various database environments.
  • Open SQL, an abstraction of native SQL syntax for the database being used, which is converted to by the ABAP runtime environment and is part of the ABAP language. Open SQL and the Language Integrated Query (LINQ) idea from Microsoft.NET are very similar.
  • Internal Tables, which contain collections of objects that can be accessed via Open SQL or special language keywords. Contrast this ABAP idea with the idea of typed arrays found in languages like Java or C++.
  • Security, in which ABAP is integrated with SAP NetWeaver's security infrastructure.
  • Data Dictionary, a common dictionary of data structure definitions that is accessible to all ABAP programmes in a system and frequently includes business logic.
  • Change and Transport System (CTS) which keeps track of development object changes and controls how production and quality assurance environments are promoted for development objects.
  • Shared development system, which is a crucial component of ABAP. In contrast to most newer languages, ABAP development typically occurs on a shared system with everyone working simultaneously on the same set of development objects.

Challenges faced by an ABAP Consultants

Time consumption

ABAP programming necessitates both time and specialized knowledge. As a result, time to market is slowed down, and business stakeholders become dissatisfied with the speed at which ABAP customizations can be made. Depending on the needs of the business, it might be too late for the business users.

Longer Upgrades

Customers' SAP environments typically have numerous ABAP customizations. The more non-core custom objects there are the more time and work it takes to update the SAP ERP with a patch, service pack, or enhancement pack.

Complications in ABAP Code

When systems are upgraded, such as when going from R/3 to ECC to S/4HANA, a lot of unnecessary code that needs to be removed is transferred from one system to the next. This only increases the technical debt, which raises the overall cost of maintaining the SAP system.

KTern.AI – DxaaS

Digitally transformed businesses are left with a sizable enterprise-level data silo that leaves no room for further innovation. Due to the competition between different technology and service providers, a brand-new model known as "as-a-service" has emerged. This model combines discrete consulting and IT projects. The digital transformation as a service (DXaaS) model enables continuous, end-to-end transformations by having the flexibility to adapt to changing business environments.

The DXaaS model encourages flexibility, scalability, and greater integrations among different tech and service providers with the goal of democratizing digital transformation and increasing the likelihood that the DX initiative will be successful.

KTern.AI , with a focus on SAP S/4HANA transformations, is a ready-to-use automated Digital Workspace with features for project execution and business operations. The engine that automatically learns knowledge is called S4HANAPEDIA. AI gives stakeholders insightful information through the Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run phases of the SAP Activate Methodology.

KTern.AI for ABAP Consultants

With 12 integrated modules, KTern.AI is an All-in-One Digital Workplace for SAP Projects that aims to completely automate and manage SAP S/4HANA Migrations.

Navigating to the Module Kernel from the left panel, you’ll be able to access the five Digital Streams of KTern.

  • Automated simulation of processes and projects using KTern.AI 'Digital Maps'
  • Automated enterprise project orchestration using KTern.AI 'Digital Projects'
  • Automated SAP specific business testing using KTern.AI 'Digital Labs'
  • Automated business process governance using KTern.AI 'Digital Process'
  • Automated business and management consulting using KTern.AI 'Digital Mines'

KTern. AI Modules serves as the foundational framework that controls change and ensures knowledge transfer for all parties involved in the digital transformation, including SAP, clients, partners, system integrators, and partners.

Benefits of KTern.AI - Digital Maps for ABAP Consultants

1. Business Process Mining

Gain visibility into your business process by thoroughly profiling it, mining the enterprise structure, and assessing the effects of switching to S/4HANA.

  • Business User Insights

Make sure you fully comprehend the business users across all modules. In order to collaborate and work together in transformation projects with better orchestration, this would make it simpler for SAP ABAP Consultant, SAP Project Stakeholders and Business Stakeholders.

2. Landscape Assessment

With SAP DXaaS Automation, comprehend your environment and gain continuous data-to-value insights.

  • System Profiling

Analyze your system's characteristics, the details of your operating system, the clients, and much more. This would make it easier for infrastructure engineers and SAP BASIS consultants to gain a basic understanding of the SAP ERP, CRM, SRM, PLM, BW, and S/4HANA systems.

3. Custom Code Analysis

Understand your custom codes and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automations.

  • Custom Objects Profiling

Analyze all of the custom reports, transactions, and objects in your SAP ERP system with an eye toward usage and business users. This would make it easier for functional consultans and SAP ABAP consultants to fully comprehend all.

These are some of the features of KTern.AI Digital Maps that assist the ABAP Consultants. To Know more :- KTern | Automated DXaaS Platform

Benefits of KTern.AI - Digital Projects for ABAP Consultants

1. Smart Project Reporting

Generate your project reports and benefit from continuous value with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Project Insights

Using clever project analytical insights, manage your SAP transformation initiatives. To achieve transparency and control in the SAP project execution process, this would streamline the work of SAP CXOs, IT Directors, PMO stakeholders, Project Managers, ERP Managers, IT Consultants, and ABAP Consultants.

2. Smart Project Reporting

Generate your project reports and benefit from continuous value with SAP DXaaS Automation.

  • Project Insights

Using clever project analytical insights, manage your SAP transformation initiatives. To achieve transparency and control in the SAP project execution process, this would streamline the work of SAP CXOs, IT Directors, PMO stakeholders, Project Managers, ERP Managers, IT Consultants, and Business Users.

These are some of the features of KTern.AI Digital Projects that assist the ABAP Consultants. To Know more :- KTern | Automated DXaaS Platform

Benefits of KTern.AI - Digital Process for ABAP Consultants

1. SAP Scope Item Cockpit

Drive with standard SAP practices and benefit from continuous value with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Process Cockpit

Manage your transformation programmes and reimagine your processes holistically. The work of ERP Managers, Business Heads, Practice Heads, IT Consultants, Business SMEs, and Architects to ensure process implementation would be made simpler as a result.

2. Custom Process Adaptation

Simplify your remediation and benefit from continuous value with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Custom Objects Cockpit

Use readily available governance and automation features to guide the development of your custom SAP S/4HANA code. This would make it easier for SAP Project Managers, Technical ABAP Leads, Technical ABAP Consultants, and Functional Consultants to oversee the proper, orderly governance of the custom code fixes.

These are some of the features of KTern.AI Digital Process that assist the ABAP Consultants. To Know more :- KTern | Automated DXaaS Platform

Benefits of KTern.AI - Digital Mines for ABAP Consultants

1.Test Fit and Gaps

Ensure right test coverage and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Test Impact Results

Before each SAP release, evaluate and simulate the test impact. This would make it easier for RPA developers, ABAP consultants, and SAP developers to understand the regression portfolio by providing them with knowledge of UI technologies like SAP WinGUI, Fiori, Web Dynpro, Business Client, and WebGUI.

2. Process Impact

Simulate your business process changes and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Standard and Custom Impact

Analyze the effects of standard and custom process scenarios with an eye toward discovering the underlying causes of the most important process elements impacted by SAP transports. The work of SAP Business Heads, Business Users, RPA Developers, and ABAP Developers to comprehend the change impact of business processes would be made simpler as a result.

3. Release Impact Analytics

Generate analytical reports and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automation

  • Process Impact Analytics

Gain knowledge about the effects of process changes by analysing customising changes or IMG changes, custom code or ABAP workbench-related changes, and FPS and SPS upgrades. This would greatly reduce the effort required for hypercare support following SAP go-lives and releases, simplifying the work of ERP Managers, Business Heads, Process SMEs, and Business Users.

These are some of the features of KTern.AI Digital Mines that assist the ABAP Consultants. To Know more :- KTern | Automated DXaaS Platform


KTern.AI is designed to help ABAP Consultants, IT Directors, ERP Managers and Project managers to ease their project management and other SAP activities.

KTern.AI has many features that make an ABAP Consultant’s life easier. If you are a ABAP Consultant’s, then this is the perfect blog for you.

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