Project Files

KTern.AI lets you manage and store files on a project, and work item level. It enables key-features of an advanced document management system like folders hierarchy, file uploading, version history, permissions and many more.

The main objective of the files/document repository is to have all the project related files and documents in one single place within KTern. In this way, the entire knowledge and information regarding the project can be found by anyone, accessed from anywhere in one single place. The document repository contains:

  1. Auto-organized document repo
  2. Work item files auto-manager
  3. Meeting files auto-manager
  4. Charter files auto-manager

Working with Files Management

KTern provides a wide variety of options for the user to manage files in the project

  1. Project Hub -> Files
  2. Work item drawer

Project Hub - Files

  1. Click on ‘Project Hub’ menu in the sidebar. Under Project Hub, select ‘Files’ option.

  2. You will be redirected to Files page.

  3. You can see the list of tabs – Project Control Center, Signoffs, Tasks, Issues, Test Cases and Meetings (Events).

    1. Project Control Center: The files of the Project Control Center will be displayed here.

    1. Signoffs: The signoff documents will be displayed here

    1. Tasks: The files uploaded under tasks will be displayed here

    1. Issues: The files uploaded under issues will be displayed here

    1. Test Cases: The files uploaded under test cases will be displayed here

    1. Meetings: The files uploaded under meetings/events will be displayed here.

Viewing the Files in KTern.AI

  1. To view the files, you can click on ‘view’ icon as shown below:

  1. Clicking on the view button, a modal overlay will help you to view the document

Work Item Drawer

View files

  1. Click on the (i) icon to open the work item drawer. Let us consider an example of viewing the files associated with a task

  2. Click on the “Files” section to view the files associated with the task

  3. KTern displays the list of files attached to the selected work item